Message from Chairman

Last year, our export revenues improved 44%. In addition, the Company can
increase domestic market share to 23% in the 100% fruit juice market.

Last year, Thailand’s economy continued to slow down, and gross domestic consumption was yet to recover. However, the Company achieved successful operating results and run the strategies as planned. In 2015, the Company’s gross sale value was 5,512.4 million baht, or an increase by 13.6% from that in 2014. Net profit was 330.7 million baht, or up 7.8% year on year.

The growth in sales and profits was attributed to the strategy to boost sales in our export destinations, amid the volatility of domestic economy. Last year, our export revenues improved 44%. In addition, the Company can increase domestic market share to 23% in the 100% fruit juice market.

As part of our operation in 2015, the Company engaged in a joint venture agreement with Philippines trade partner, Monde Nissin Corporation, in order to establish Monde Malee Beverage Corporation (MMBC), which will manufacture and distribute beverages in the Philippines. The plan is to begin selling products early in 2016. With the partner’s potential and the opportunities in the Philippines’ beverage industry, the Company is confident that the cooperation will lead to a jump in sale revenues and bring in a good return for the Company and its shareholders in the future.

In order to pave the way for sustainable growth, this year the Company is determined to boost competitiveness through the development of personnel, organizational structure, product quality and enhancing the environmental efficiency of the production process. These are expected to drive operating results to continue development in a long term. We focus on growth in sales and profits both in local and overseas markets. Due to the slowing in Thailand’s economy, we emphasize the development of overseas operations, especially those in ASEAN nations in the emerging market, because their businesses are expanding healthily. The Company is determined to conduct studies and researches in order to enhance our knowledge of beverages even further, as we aim to develop products that provide solutions to consumers’ demands for healthy lifestyle. We are also working to eliminate unnecessary costs and expenses and improve the efficiencies of our internal work process and operation. Our hard work will be proven through the performance goals in this year and in the future.

In addition to a successful business operation that generates profits for shareholders, the Company’s directors and executives believe in good corporate governance, social and environmental responsibility, and the defense against all forms of corruption. We aim to be a quality Company, in terms of both operating results and sustainable management, for our shareholders in the future.

Last but not least, on behalf of the Company’s directors, executives and employees, I’d like to thank each and every shareholder, trade partners, dealers, consumers and related individuals, who has always played a supportive role in our operation. The Company is determined to continue developing products that meet consumers’ demands, look for new opportunities in Thailand and overseas, hold on to good corporate governance and transparent operation, and take a good care of all our related stakeholders.