Business Overview

Malee Group and its subsidiaries


  • As of the date of writing this report, our investment and acquisition in Vietnam is still in progress in accordance with the Condition Precedent as specified in the share purchase agreement. The acquisition is expected to be completed within 30 June 2018.


Malee Group Public Company Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of products for domestic and overseas markets. The main business can be divided into 2 categories as follows:

1. Business operation of products under Malee brand-divided into 2 groups:

includes vegetable juices, UHT and pasteurized fruit juices under “Malee”, “Malee Healti Plus”, “Malee Nutrient”, “Malee Juice Mix”, “Malee Juicy”, “Malee Food Service”, “Malee Tropical”, and “Malee Coco”, as well as drinking water packaged in can, UHT box and PET plastic bottles under “Malee” brand , fresh cow milk both pasteurized and UHT under “Chokchai Farm” brand, “Malee iCorn” corn milk and ready-to-drink canned coffee under“Turbusta Maxx” and “Malee Oriental Café”

includes seasonal canned fruits (rambutan, rambutan stuffed with pineapple, lychee, longan, water chestnut, toddy palm, mango, etc), canned sweet corn, canned pineapple, mixed canned fruits under “Malee” brand, “First Choice” brand, “Farmer” brand, and “Malee Food Service” brand.

The products are distributed both in domestic and overseas markets through different sales channels of the Company.

2. Contract Manufacturing Business: The Company produces and develops products according to the customers’ requirements under the customers’ brand for both domestic and overseas market.

The Company manufactures products to meet the needs of customers. It also controls the quality of production in accordance with the standards and criteria of GMP, HACCP, BRC, IFS, HALAL, US FDA, and Q-MARK from the Federation of Thai Industries and SR-MARK from the Ministry of Commerce as well as being certified food safety standards ISO 22000 and FSSC22000. Thus, the Company can directly distribute to the Company and disturbute to not only Thailand but also international standard worldwide

Malee Enterprise Company Limited

is the Company’s subsidiary operating domestic marketing and distribution. The distribution is performed by the Company’s sales staff and Malee direct distributors throughout the country.

The Company is committed to providing products for consumers’ good health. The Company has re-structured the product categories based on benefit of each product as follows:

  1. Daily consumer product—the group of products without additional nutritional additives. The product itself contains consumers’ nutrition needs for daily consumptions.
  2. Functional product — the group of products with additional nutritional additives for consumers who need additional nutrition to maintain healthy diet.
  3. Mass— the group of products for those who need refreshing during the day or at any time, for consumers of all ages and all genders.

In the past year, the Company has organized product categories aiming to maximize the use of all resources including raw materials, machinary manpower, and time, and manage it suitable for mainstream products by removing some product category and brand whose sales and sales growth were not significant.

Products classified by functions are as follows: