Business Overview


Malee Group Public Company Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of products for domestic and overseas markets. Its main business can be categorized into two groups as follows:

1. Branded Business of Malee Group Public Company Limited can be categorized into two groups as follows:

Beverage Business As of now, Food and Beverage Business includes UHT and pasteurized vegetable and fruit juices under “Malee”, “Malee Healti Plus”, “Malee Light”, “Malee Food Service”, “Malee Tropical”, and “Malee Coco”; Cold Pressure Processing fruit juice “Malee Fruit Fresh” brand; UHT and pasteurized boxed cow milk under “Chokchai Farm” brand; as well as cereal beverages under “Malee Nutrient” and corn milk under “Malee iCorn” brand”

In 2018, the Company has distributed a brand of soft drink manufactured by Tan Quang Minh Manufacture and Trading (“TQM”) of Vietnam. The drink is made from genuine lemon juice under “Fizza” brand to expand beyond fruit juice category while maintaining a ‘healthy alternative’ option for comsumers. This marked the first time that the Company has tapped into the soft drinks market.

As for food products, the Company has begun distributing the products that are expanded from the existing lines such as “Chokchai Farm” milk tablets as well as “Holy Fruit” gummy and jelly cup that come with assorted fruit flavors in 350-gram bags. The aim is to expand into traditional trade channels.

Processed Fruit Business includes seasonal canned fruits such as rambutan, rambutan stuffed with pineapple, lychee, longan, water chestnut, toddy palm, mango, sweet corn, pineapple, assorted fruits, etc. under “Malee” brand, “First Choice” brand, “Farmer” brand, and “Malee Food Service” brand. This product group are distributed both in domestic and overseas markets through different sales channels of the Company.

2. Contract Manufacturing Business: The Company develops products in accordance with customers’ demands and manufactured products under clients’ brands for them to market and distribute both in domestic and overseas markets. The Company can manufacture products to meet the customers’ demands and control its product qualities in accordance with the standards and criteria of GMP, HACCP, BRC, IFS, HALAL, US FDA, and Q-MARK of the Federation of Thai Industries and SR-MARK of the Ministry of Commerce; as well as meeting the certified food safety standards of ISO 22000 and FSSC22000. With once quality standards and qualification, the company can receive customers world wide

Malee Enterprise Company Limited

is the Company’s subsidiary operating domestic marketing and distribution. The distribution is performed by the Company’s sales staff and Malee direct distributors throughout the country In 2018, the Company has reorganized its product groups, invested in modern-technology manufacturing, and expanded its business by investing in companies in the same industry. Thus, there are some adjustments to the product portfolios with the same determination to offer products that meet consumers’ demands and support ever-changing lifestyles by focusing on manufacturing and distributing high-quality and well-selected products with improved manufacturing process. The Company has divided its new product structure as follows:

  1. Vegetable and fruit juices which is the main product group in the market: ๊
    • 100% vegetable and fruit juices in assorted flavors such as orange, apple, grape, pomegranate, coconut, etc. by the process of UHT, pasteurization and Cold Pressure Processing
    • Under 100% vegetable and fruit juices
  2. Canned fruits
  3. Dairy products and cereal beverages such as corn milk and almond milk
  4. Carbonated beverages and food such as “Fizza Salty Lemon” soft drink which is made of genuine lemon juice and gummy and jelly cups

The Company has reorganized its product groups for more effective management, support the market changes, and manage its sales through appropriate channels.

Products classified by functions are as follows: